This blog may be highly dangerous and should probably not be read by human beings. If you do read this blog, you do so at your own risk (which is considerable under the circumstances).

We have allowed our society to disintegrate into the Great Liability Society. You know what I’m talking about. If not, let me refresh your memory. Ever had a friend ask you if “they have a lawsuit” because of some weird surprise or imagined slight? Wonder if you have a lawsuit because someone hurt your feelings? Do you recall telling people who upset you that you are going to sue them? Or telling your kids that they had better be careful because you don’t want to be sued? Ever bump into someone in public and freak out? Maybe you have reminded the customer service rep that you can file a complaint with their company. Ever ask a salesman, “So, what’s the catch?” Maybe you have confided in your friends that your boss is somehow going to find a way to legally keep you from receiving benefits to which you are entitled. Or you point out to your friends or family that your kids’ toys have ridiculous safety attachments (or should have such attachments). Ever wonder if the guy in the late model car behind you on the highway has auto insurance? Ever stare at your neighbor’s tree wondering if it is going to fall on your screen room? Ever mention to your buddy that something is “a lawsuit waiting to happen”? Ever rejoice when someone hits your car because you will get an insurance settlement? Or grumble when someone hits your parked car because you will NOT report it to the insurance company for fear that your rates will increase?

Solution: The Disclaimer (but maybe not…)
One weapon that has been unveiled against the overwhelming liability tsunami is “The Disclaimer.” You may not realize it, but you have seen them everywhere. One of my favorites is at the top of this blog post. It seems that right after a company creates a product, it spends three times as much effort creating the disclaimer for the product. This is why there is a block of fine print on virtually everything we touch, wear, consume, give to our kids, loved ones, and clients. Another favorite of mine is the spoken disclaimer on prescription drug ads that include the phrase “may cause death…”

Have you come across a favorite overblown, unnecessarily complex, or downright silly disclaimer? Please share it for the enjoyment of all!

Happy New Year!

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