Red Light Cameras Come to Clermont

This is the inaugural blog post from the Criminal Law section of the Reed Law Firm. I hope you all had great 2013, and are looking forward to 2014. I know the City of Clermont is because 2014 is when all of their new red light cameras begin generating actual revenue for the city. Currently, drivers are receiving warnings, but beginning in January drivers will receive a notice and a fine of $158.00.

Red light cameras are controversial in Florida. Advocates say they make the roads safer by reducing accidents at intersections and getting drivers to slow down. Those opposed say it is a way for cities to generate huge amounts of money. But, whatever your position, the reality is the cameras are here to stay. The city has invested a lot of money in these cameras and they will be around for awhile.

Red light cameras are not new to Lake County or Central Florida. The City of Groveland has a handful of cameras. The cities of Apopka and Orlando have installed cameras all over and have generated millions of dollars in revenue. In the last two years Apopka levied over $3.6 million in fines, more than any other city except Tampa, Miami, and Miami Gardens according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The City of Clermont has installed 24 cameras throughout the city on State Road 50 and Highway 27. They have more than double the amount of cameras of Apopka and stand to make a lot of money.

Clermont is hoping that drivers who receive a red light camera notice and fine will pay the fine. That is the last thing you should do. A citation generated by a red light camera can be beaten. The Reed Law Firm has beaten red light camera citations both in Lake County and in Apopka. Our price for contesting a red light camera citation is affordable and will save you a trip to the courthouse.

The Reed Law Firm wants the streets to be safe and drivers to be responsible. There are traffic laws for a reason, and we want to encourage everyone to follow them. But the laws should be enforced fairly and uniformly by trained police officers, not by robots.

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2 Responses to Red Light Cameras Come to Clermont

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  2. Alex Wright says:

    Cameras don’t cause accidents, bad drivers do. We are all guilty of speeding up when we see a yellow light. We all better slow down so we all can live a little longer.

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