The Reed Law Firm is a boutique law firm located in Central Florida that handles primarily bankruptcy, family law, elder law, foreclosure defense, criminal defense, Social Security/Medicare, and real estate cases. The attorneys on staff are:

William M. Reed, Esq. (owner/operator, senior attorney)
-J.D. Shepard Broad Center for the Study of Law at Nova Southeastern University
-Member of the Florida Bar Family Law Section, Lake County Bar Association, Central Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers Association, South Lake Chamber of Commerce, et al.
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Tyler S. Van Voorhees, Esq. (associate attorney)
-J.D. Columbus School of Law at The Catholic University of America
-Member of the Lake County Bar Association, Orange County Bar Association, Attorney Title Insurance Fund, et al.
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John A. Kruse, Esq. (associate attorney)
-J.D. Barry University School of Law
-Member of the U.S. Army Reserve, Lake County Bar Association, et al.
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Disclaimer: The information found on this blog is not legal advice and should not be construed as establishing an attorney-client relationship. Comments made on the posts or pages of this blog are subject to review. For answers to any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this blog or its contents, please direct e-mail correspondence to thefirm@wmrlegal.com


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